Great Moments from 60's Movies

These are those special moments from the movies that once you see them you will never forget them. The rest of the movie might not stay with you, but these shots or sequences are now emblazed in your psyche. It may be a special effect, or an actor or actress, or the cinematography, but these are the moments that movies were made for!

I'll Wash Your Back, If You Wash Mine (1960): A movie with epic scale. Kirk Douglas is "Spartacus".

What Does The Future Hold For Us (1960): Great special effects brings H.G. Wells "Time Machine" to the screen.

Boy, Those Are Some Mighty Big Guns You Have There (1961): A great WWII action adventure with a wonderful cast who try and destroy "The Guns of Navarone".

76 Trombones (1962): Robert Preston follows in his great Broadway role of "The Music Man".

"Bond, James Bond" (1962): Sean Connery becomes the English spy and makes his first appearance in "Dr. No". Ursula Andrews also made a big first impression emerging from the water in her white bikini.

Would You Like That On The Rocks? (1962): One of the best movie portrayals of the effects of alcoholism on people in "Days of Wine and Roses".

Oh, Look At The Baby (1962):This suspenseful and horrifying tale was the rebirth of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's carrers in "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane".

Running Away From The Nazis (1963): A great cast tells the semi-true story of Allied prisoners escaping from a German POW camp during WWII in "The Great Escape".

Here Birdy, Birdy, Birdy (1963): Hitchcock makes one of his greats with "The Birds". The suspense sequence with Tippi Hedren waiting outside the school is masterful.

Now That's A Haunted House (1963): One of the scariest houses in the history of film, helped along by a great audio track.

"No Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Die" (1964): The best Bond movie shows James strapped to a table underneath a laser in "Goldfinger".

The Fairest Lady (1964): Audrey Hepburn dances through the amazing art production of "My Fair Lady".

Giving You My Heart, and Liver, and Lungs, and... (1966): The amazing special effects helped us journey inside a body and take a "Fantastic Voyage".

Is This What Their Marriage Was Like? (1966): Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton shoot off fireworks in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"

"Springtime For Hitler" (1967): Mel Brooks first film is one of the funniest movies ever made. "The Producers" is a scam musical about Nazi Germany, that ends up becoming a hit!

12 Muddy Army Men (1967): A great cast of bad men tries to pulloff a WWII heist in "The Dirty Dozen".

"People, People Who Need..." (1968): Barbara Streisand's Oscar winning film debut in "Funny Girl".

Oh Those Crazy Kids In Love (1968): One of the best adaption of a Shakespeare play is found in this version of "Romeo and Juliet".

May I have some more? (1968): A wonderful film adaption of the Broadway musical, of the Dickens Book, "Oliver!".

"The Walking Dead" (1968): George Romero changed the horror genre with "Night of the Living Dead".

Take Your Stinking Hands Off Me... (1968): Charlton Heston crash lands on "The Planet of the Apes". One of the best ending ever!

The Duke, As Cool As Ever (1969): John Wayne, wearing the eye patch, racing down an open plain, firing guns in both hands in "True Grit".

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