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Points System

For those of you who were the first to take my poll, the point system has changed. The poll was orginally set up so that each person sent me a list of their top 10 films from the decade. Points were given 10pts. for first, 9pts. for second, etc. down to 1pts. for 10th place. My first complaint was that some people wanted to send more then just 10 films. The second problem I found as I been to total up the points for each film. With only 1 point between films, I was ending up with way too many ties. So I searched the web and found another site with a similiar poll. His point system seem to be the perfect solution. So I borrowed his system. I'd like to thank Agrofilm, and encourage you to check out his site as well.

If anyone is interested in sending me a poll to be added to my list. Please make a list between 10 and 50 films and e-mail them to If their is anyone who sent the orginal 10 film poll you can send another poll of up to 40 films to be included for your list. You don't have to include the orginal 10, just a new list of films to add.

Now for the way the films are scored.

Each FILM is given a POINTS SCORE, depending on its position in an individual POLL. The film's Total Points is a total sum, of all the individual scores.

1 120
2 114
3 110
4 106
5 102
6 98
7 94
8 90
9 86
10 82

From Positions 11 to 27, the POINTS drop by 2 at a time. So No.11 is worth 80 pts, and eventually, No. 27 is worth 48 pts.

From Positions 28 to 50, the POINTS then drop by 1 at a time, until, at the very end, No.50 is worth

a meager 25 POINTS.

NOTE *The Top Score is an 'unusual' number in 120, as initially, it was worth 100 Points with the same points drop per position until No.50 was worth 5 Points. 20 points was then added to each position at a flat rate. This was to create an 'equality' between a Film that Polls rarely, but in high positions, and a Film that Polls often, but at Lower places.

Eg. Under the 100-5 pts system, a Film would have to Poll Twenty times at No.50 to achieve a score equal to that of ONE No.1 Position! Too wild for any consensus.

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