Here is a alphabetical list of all the directors appearing throughout my "Decades List of Films." Some of the directors have mulitple films on the list and these are the giants of the media. One problem that is noticable about this list is the absence of women and the inclusion of only one African American. Hopefully in the coming decades there will be a drastic change on this issue.

Robert Aldrich Woody Allen Robert Altman John G. Avildsen John Badham Mel Brooks James Cameron Frank Capra Michael Cimino Joel Coen Francis Ford Coppola Kevin Costner George Cukor Frank Darabont Cecil B. DeMille Jonathan Demme Brian Desmond-Hurst Stanley Donen David Fincher John Ford Milos Forman Bob Fosse John Frankenheimer William Friedkin Mel Gibson Terry Gilliam Howard Hawks George Roy Hill Alfred Hitchcock Dennis Hopper John Hughes John Huston Elia Kazan Gene Kelly Irwin Kershner Stanley Kramer Stanley Kubrick John Lasseter Charles Laughton David Lean Spike Lee Richard Lester George Lucas Sidney Lumet David Lynch John Madden John Mankiewicz Sam Mendes Robert Mulligan Mike Nichols Christian Nyby Sam Peckinpah Arthur Penn Roman Polanski Sydney Pollack Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Nicholas Ray Carol Reed Rob Reiner John Schlesinger Martin Scorsese Ridley Scott Ron Shelton Don Siegel Bryan Singer Steven Soderbergh Steven Spielberg George Stevens Robert Stevenson Oliver Stone John Sturges Quentin Tarantino Jacques Tourneur Gary Trousdale (with Kirk Wise) Andy and Larry Wachowski Raoul Walsh Orson Welles Billy Wilder Robert Wise William Wyler Robert Zemeckis Fred Zinnemann

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