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Hey Gang,

-There is BIG Lord of the Rings info at the end of the news today, but first things first:

-I hope everyone received their e-mail about voting for your top ten films from the 90's. I received a few so far, but would like more before I send out the next round! Keep them coming!

-If you haven't already seen Fantasia 2000 on the Imax, there is only one month left. It ends on April31 to open at normal theaters. I think you'll miss out on something special by not seeing and HEARING it on the Imax screen.

-A few tidbits on upcoming movies. Some that I'm sure will make you cringe just like me! I might as well get the bad one out of the way right away!

-Yes, they are planning on making a remake or sequel to "Dirty Dancing" and they already have a "star" lined up. Brittney Spears.

-They are also in the process of developing a remake of "Willy Wonka and the Chocalate Factory". You may ask, like myself, WHY? Well, supposedly the widow of the author said, they were never very happy with the Gene Wilder version and had no say in that version at all. The estate will have almost complete control over this version and they're looking for a big name star to sell it. Dustin Hoffman was first mention, but was dropped for not being big enough! Hmmm, I think Dustin is a very interesting choice. Another name being talked about is Nicholas Cage. Hmmm, he's quirky enough, but I don't know.

-A new Harry Potter director has been announced, Chris Columbus.

-Since Speilberg has backed away from Potter, his next flick will be A.I. For anyone who has never heard about A.I. perk up your ears. This was to be Stanly Kubrick's next film before he died and he'd been working on and off since "2001". A.I. is short for Artifical Intelligence and deals with robots working in households, one in particular who helps raise a small boy. It also takes from Issac Asimov's rules for robots found in his Foundation series. Kubrick was said to have problems with it and said it was extremely difficult to bring to the screen. It's quite interesting that Spielberg has dropped all other projects and lactched on to this.

- Rumor has it that Jude Law (Oscar nomination for Talented Mr. Ripley) has been casted to play Spiderman in an upcoming movie.

-If you haven't already heard, Julianne Moore (Oscar nomination for End of the Affair) is set to replace Jodie Foster in the Silence of the Lambs sequel. Which I think is a great choice. But there is a new rumor that says Foster may be coming back. One of the reasons for her not being involved was she didn't want to be commited to the schedule of a complete film. Now, they (the producers) talked to her about appearing in the firt 20 mintues of the movie and her character would be killed off with Moore taking over. Foster would receive a cut of the profits. So if it's a blockbuster, she would make tons of money for a little amount of work. I haven't read Hannibal, the sequel to Lambs, but I've heard that this would completely change the story around. I say, give the character to Moore and let her run with it!

-Disney is in talks with Tim Burton on making a sequel to "A Nightmare Before Christmas". Anything from Burton's mind is exciting news.

-HUGE L.O.T.R. news. Some Images and a trailer are now available on the internet. I have not been able to see the trailer yet, but the images are AMAZING. Here is the website for seeing the images as well as the link to the trailer:

Until Next time

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