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"Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream, it takes over as the number one hormone; it bosses the enzymes; directs the pineal gland; plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the anidote to film is more film."
-Frank Capra

Last Update 5/30/02

My Decades in Film takes a look at the cinema in each decade. What I believe are the top films, magical movie moments, and the top actors, and directors. Each decade seems to have inspired a little something different so please search through each. NEW Late 40's through the 90's are presently available, with the Early 40's coming in the next few months. Other decades will follow, until the entire history of film is reviewed. Also NEW is a complete list of directors appearing throughout my Decades in Film list.

Best of the Year, is a review of the best movies, worst junk and special moments seen during each year, starting with the amazing cinematic year of 1999 through 2000. A year in review of 2001 will be coming sometime this year. Still trying to get through some films from the previous year.

My Oscar site includes predictions for the coming year as well as the outcomes. This site will later include a history of the Oscars, with the nominations and winners. Predictions for the 2002 Oscars and NEW complete results from the 30's and 90's.

Movie News is just that, the latest news on coming attractions. This comes out about every 2 months and isn't too extensive, but gives you a taste of some of the big stories out there. The news is indexed by the date it appeared.

Movie Links are my personal favorites and the best sites out there on the web. This is where I get much of my information from and hope to be with my site in the coming years!

The Movie Club is a local group similiar to a monthly book club. The group, which seems to be growing all the time, tries to meet once a month at a different members house. The host of that evening picks a film to be watched and discussed. This link shows the films watched already and (hopefully) will include reviews of each of the movies. This has been great fun, and I encourage you to start a group of your own.

My Movie Home Page, just brings you back to here, and My Home Page takes you to some of my other passions, including art and amusement parks.

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As of April 19th, 2001