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Welcome to my personal website. This site will deal with all the things I have a passion for in this world. The first is ART. The site will contain digital images created by both myself as well as some of my students. Next comes FILM. This link will contain information on the history of film, lists of classic film as well as recent movie news. The third topic is amusement and theme parks. The site will also include personal information about myself; resume, bio and family pictures. If you have any questions or comments write to: Aslan369@aol.comThank You for visiting my site.


A Gallery of artwork from both myself and my students.


Things dealing with all aspects of the cinema. Includes best of lists, film history, recent movie news and links.


The exciting world of Amusement and Theme Parks. Includes history, pictures and links.


Just a little more information about myself including photos of friends and family.

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