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Art Teachers

First let me welcome you to my site. I hope it can become a great resource tool for yourself and your classroom. A quick note about this site, I have tried very hard to make this a student friendly resource. I encourage you to use this site with elementary students as well as middle and high school classrooms. I have examined the links in the Art History section and most are free of inappropriate images. The musuem links are different and may include some great masterpeices that some students will be uncomfortable with. I am also unaware if a site changes their material. You are the best judge of your own classroom. Please check the links before you use them with your students and moniter their activity while they are on the internet.

My hope is that this site can also become a resource and sounding block for the Art Educator as well. If you have any important information, links to your own digital galleries, links to other Art History sites, questions or comments write to: Thank You for visiting my site.

Art Education Organizations and Publications

Arts Education Partnership
AAAE: Association for the Advancement of Art Education
NAEA:National Art Educators Association.
NYSATA: New York State Art Teacher's Association.

Curriculum and Lesson Plans

ArtsEdNet:The Getty Art Education Website
Art Education Curriculum Guide:
Art Education from th UK Lessons, Ideas, and Links from Europe
The Incredible Art Department:
Visible Knowledge Program: offers downloadable art lesson plans and online classrooms and studios for high school teachers and students.
Visual Curriculum: Elementary Art Education

Digital Galleries


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