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  • Ain't It Cool News:. Harry and his gang is on the front lines to the lastest news on all movies in production. The place where I get most of my information.
  • Coming Attractions:. Another site for getting the latest information. Also nice because you are able to cross reference a movie to fine all previous information on it.
  • Rogert Ebert: One of the biggest critics out there. Nice because Ebert goes back and reviews classic movies as well recent releases.
  • Movie Reviews 4 Fun: The name says it all. A movie site for you to read or add your own review of classic films. A schedule shows the outcoming movies to review, join the club.

Movie History

Movie Information and Forums

  • The Internet Movie Database: The best web database for looking up credit and technical information on films, stars and directors.
  • About Classic Movies: Brad Lang has constructed a huge site that has a little bit of everything about classic movies and Hollywood.
  • Total Movie Forum: A message board with personal views on any and all things about the movies.

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