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10 Movies I'd Want On A Desert Island
Scariest Movies
Best Christmas Shows: Film or T.V.


10 Movies I'd Want On A Desert Island

I picked these films because I never get sick of watching them. It also includes some of my favorite directors and stars.

10.) Some Like It Hot: I needed a comedy and I love the Hotel Del.
9.) Mary Poppins: What's not to like about dancing penguins
8.) Back to the Future: Reminds me of growing up.
7.) The Princess Bride: Like the grandfather says, It's got adventure, sword fights, giants, true love!
6.) Raiders of the Lost Ark: The best in action and adventure.
5.) It's A Wonderful Life: The uplifting message.
4.) Notorious: I need at least one Hitchcock
3.) The Empire Strikes Back: The best Star Wars film.
2.) Singin in the Rain: The best musical. Shear entertainment, and it's even about the industry!
1.) Casablanca: It has everything you'd want in a movie!


Scariest Movies

20.) Black Christmas: One of the first slasher films.
19.) Nosferatu: The first and scariest Dracula films.
18.) Poltergeist: One of the reasons they created the PG-13 rating.
17.) The Blair Witch: A nice idea.
16.) Freaks: A 30's classic using real sideshow performers.
15.) Ringu/The Ring: A modern fright tale.
14.) Alien: A haunted house tale in space.
13.) House on Haunted Hill: The Vincent Price original.
12.) Nightmare on Elm Street: The best modern monster.
11.) Rosemary's Baby: The never know about your neighbors next door.
10.) The Haunting: 60's haunted house classic.
9.) Jaws: It stopped people from swimming.
8.) The Shining: A little slow, but haunting.
7.) Carrie: For the pig's blood & fright at the end.
6.) Evil Dead: The best "cabin in the woods" horror film.
5.) Halloween: The scariest slasher films.
4.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The inbreeding marvel.
3.) Night/Dawn/Day of the Living Dead: The classic zombie trilogy.
2.) Psycho: For the shower scene alone.
1.) The Exorcist: To this day it scares the bejeez out of me!


Best Christmas Shows: Film or T.V.

The programs I have to watch to get me in the Christmas spirit.

*Bonus Scrooge: A lesser known musical telling of A Christmas Carol with Albert Finney, which I always watch

10.) Jesus of Nazareth: The best telling of the Christ story and it's the reason for the season.
9.) A Christmas Story: The funniest Christmas film.
8.) Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Along with #3, shows great clamation and fun songs.
7.) Holiday Inn or White Christmas: Both have Irving Berlin songs and Bing Crosby.
6.) How the Grinch Stole Christmas: A super teaming of Chuck Jones and Boris Karloff. Don't even talk to me about the film version!
5.) Miracle on 34th Street: The first one I watch right after Thanksgiving.
4.) Charlie Brown Christmas: One of the few TV specials that actually talks about the religion of the holiday. Linus rocks!
3.) Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer: A rather silly story, but it's become such a part of the holiday. Besides Yukon is cool!
2.) A Christmas Carol: I've always loved this story.
1.) It's A Wonderful Life: It just puts you in the mood.

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